Our Story


During our collective years, both as prosecutors and as a trial attorney at one of the nation’s leading plaintiff firms, we each represented the families of countless victims of unspeakable tragedy. From plane crashes, shootings, car accidents, drunk drivers, random acts of violence, we have seen it all. In a split second, our lives and our plans can change forever.

But as trial attorneys, justice only meant punishing the wrongdoers. What about the families of the victims? Who would help them get their affairs in order again? Who would provide for their young kids? We were only able to do so much.

Until we both became parents ourselves. Because at that very moment, the center of our universe shifted instantly. Yes, we were attorneys, but now we were fathers to life’s most precious gifts. And as parents, we were the only people standing between our own children and a world of uncertainty. Like you, we would do whatever it would take to make certain that our loved ones were taken care, no matter what happened to us.


So, when we began our firm, we made a commitment to ourselves to offer to every person -- every friend, every family member, every neighbor, every teacher, every colleague, every stranger -- the very same planning that we have put in place for our own families and children. No strings attached, no hidden fees, no exceptions. Our view is that every family, every parent, every child, and every grandchild deserves the very best when it comes to a comprehensive plan that works. Estate planning isn’t just for the uber rich or elite. In fact, everyone - without exception - should have an estate plan in place.

You can ask around about us, or read about what makes us very different, but at Kundani & Chang, we have just one mission when it comes to estate planning: educating you and your family about how to prepare for life. No matter who you choose to move forward with, you will come out of our meeting knowing a lot more -- and that alone is all we want. It’s really that simple.

To your family’s success,

Lalit and Adam

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